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Team B - "Team B Oshi"

Team B's newest team song (or should we say, New Team B's first team song), "Team B oshi", was the highest ranking theatre song on this year's AX Request Hour, as high as fifth most voted song (out of more than three hundred eligible songs)!
It's a fun, uptempo, a little messy but very exciting song. Team B is my least favourite team, yet I really love this song.

"Team B Oshi" (Team B fan)
(from Team B 5th stage "Theatre no megami")
Team B (full team)

words: Akimoto Yasushi
music: Yoshino Takao
point of view: female
theme: team song
original lyrics

listen to Team B Oshi on youtube

From today you're a Harukyan fan, look, it's Team B
(amazingly cute!)
From today you're a Maachan fan, look, it's Team B
(Maachan? "What?!")
From today you're a Tomoomi fan, look, it's Team B
(Chiyuu, Chiyuu, Chiyuu!)
From today you're a Yukirin fan, look, it's Team B
(I will send you in a daze!)

A! K! B! 48! Say B!
A! K! B! 48! B, B, B, B!

What do you think of our live show? What do you think?
We're so close, you're all "Oh my God!", aren't you?
What do you think of our singing and dancing? What do you think?
This is the notorious AKB!

Since there's so many girls you can't choose, can you?
Cheer for only one of us!

Ready, steady, go!

From today you're a Kitarie fan, look, it's Team B
(you still don't get it?)
From today you're a Kanachan fan, look, it's Team B
("So cute!" "I know")
From today you're a Komorin fan, look, it's Team B
(Hello there)
From today you're a Amina fan, look, it's Team B
(Hey, can you give me half of it?)

What do you think of us compared to the other teams? What do you think?
We're the cutest and just the best, aren't we?
What do you think of our messy speeches? What do you think?
This is AKB, anything can happen!

If my performance charms you
I don't mind if you switch your favourite for me

One, two, yahoo!

From today you're a Suuchan fan, look, it's Team B
(Suu melody!)
From today you're a Nacchi fan, look, it's Team B
(1+2= N Nacchi!)
From today you're a Mariyannu fan, look, it's Team B
(The 3 o'clock snack is Mariyannu!)
From today you're a Chikarina fan, look, it's Team B
(Mow mow meh!)

A! K! B! 48! Say B!
A! K! B! 48! B, B, B, B!

I will be happy
If you fall in love with me and cheer for me

Here we go again!

From today you're a Nacchan fan, look, it's Team B
From today you're a Yukachan fan, look, it's Team B
(Octopus dumplings!)
From today you're a Myao fan, look, it's Team B
(One, two, three, duh!)
From today you're a Mayuyu fan, look, it's Team B
(Let's go!)

We are running for our dreams with all our might
Please, come see the growing up Team B
No matter how much we sell, we'll always be singing here
So all in all, everyone is a Team B fan, right?
Right? Yes!

Earworm, brainwashing technique, much has been said about "Team B Oshi". It's a fun and addicting song guaranteed to make the audience go wild.
"Oshi" (推し) is a term peculiar to the AKB48 fandom; it comes from the verb osu 推す, to support, and means "supporting a member as your number one". Therefore, one's number one favourite girl is called one's oshimen (推しメン), a combination between oshi and menbaa, the Japanese for "member".

Each of the 16 Team B members are introduced by their nickname, and then she says her catchphrase or some other representative phrase. I will explain them here one by one.

- Harukyan (Ishida Haruka) (amazingly cute!) → "amazingly cute" (超絶可愛い, chouzetsu kawaii) is a staple part of the in-song cheers. If Harukyan were to sing two solo lines, the fans would go "(first line) Harukyan! (second line) chouzetsu kawaii, Harukyan!"
- Maachan (Oku Manami) (Maachan? "What?!") → girls call out to Maachan and she replies "What?" in a half-bothered tone. It's an inside joke that Maachan never looks excited during shows.
- Tomoomi (Kasai Tomomi) (Chiyuu, Chiyuu, Chiyuu!) → Chiyuu is one of Tomoomi's nicknames. It takes its origin from the fact that when she speaks she tends to put "~chiyuu" at the end of sentences quite a lot. It doesn't have a real meaning.
- Yukirin (Kashiwagi Yuki) (I will send you in a daze!) → It's a part of the self-introduction catchphrase she used at the start of B5th. "Awake or asleep, Yukirin world! I will send you in a daze!". I hear she has changed it now.
- Kitarie (Kitahara Rie) (you still don't get it?) → Kitarie's impersonation of Yankumi, the high school teacher from the drama series Gokusen. "You still don't get it?" ("まだわかんねえのか?") is one of Yankumi's famous lines.
- Kanachan (Kobayashi Kana) ("So cute!" "I know") → Kana is known for being particularly silly and for having huge self confidence. Here's why she goes "I know!" triumphantly.
- Komorin (Komori Mika) ("Hello there") → She doesn't say "こんにちは konnichiwa", the Japanese for "hello / good morning), but actually she says "コニチハ konichiwa" with one N. It's a gag by a Japanese comedian, Kokado Kentaro of the duo Lotti.
- Amina (Sato Amina) (Hey, can you give me half of it?) → Amina is a well known sweets lover, and whenever she sees some other AKB member eating sweets or candy she'll ask to share it with her.
- Suuchan (Sato Sumire) (Suu melody!) → Sumire is a big fan of the Sanrio character My Melody, so she made up a new nickname for herself inspired by My Melody.
- Nacchi (Sato Natsuki) (1+2= N Nacchi!) → A part of her self-introduction catchphrase. She sticks out the index finger of her right hand for "1" and makes a kind of a peace sign for "2", and when joined together, the fingers form an N, her initial. If you watch the video I linked to you will understand it more clearly than from this explanation.
- Mariyannu (Suzuki Mariya) (The 3 o'clock snack is Mariyannu!) → this line, too, is a part of her self-introduction catchphrase and comes from a long-running advertising for a cake manufacturing company, Bunmeido, whose jingle was "Castela number one, telephone number two, the three o'clock snack is Bunmeido". Here is a post from an English language food blog run by a Japanese lady, about castela cake and Bunmeido, and in case you're curious here is the old CM.
- Chikarina (Chikano Rina) (Mow mow meh!) → Chikarina, together with Team K's Fujie Rina, is the spokesgirl for milk company Mother Farm. The "mow mow meh" line comes from the CM.
- Nacchan (Hirajima Natsumi) (Nacchan!) → They just call out her name.
- Yukachan (Masuda Yuka) (Octopus dumplings!) → Octopus dumplings, or takoyaki in Japanese, are a famous speciality of Yuka's hometown, Osaka. She loves them so much she even mentions them in her self-introduction catchphrase.
- Myao (Miyazaki Miho) (One, two, three, duh!) → Myao is a fan of the legendary prowrestler Antonio Inoki. "Ichi, ni, san, daa!" is one of his famous phrases.
- Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu) (Let's go!) → this comes from the lyrics of the unit Mayu leads, Watarirouka Hashiritai's first single, "Hatsukoi dash".

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  1. thank you for explain their catchphrases. Really love this song a lot. XD
    i just wonder what're the complete chant in this song.